The Circle and The Barrel - Part 2

by Girless & The Orphan



released October 1, 2014

Registrato, mixato e masterizzato allo Stop Studio (RN) da Andrea Muccioli e Ivan Tonelli.
Prodotto da Ivan Tonelli, Andrea Muccioli, Girless & The Orphan.
Edito da Stop Records, To Lose La Track e Fallo Dischi.

Tutte le canzoni sono scritte da Girless & The Orphan, testi di Tommaso Gavioli.

Tommaso Gavioli – voce e chitarra
Francesco Casadei Coccia – chitarra
Davide Ramilli – basso
Filippo Rieder – batteria
Ivan Tonelli - chitarra

Artwork di Luca Zamagna (

Grazie a te, ad Andrea e Ivan di Stop Records, a Luca di To Lose La Track, a Mario, Michele ed Alessio di Fallo Dischi, ad Alice, a Mich che ha rischiato la vita per suonare con noi, a Pilipella per le batterie, a Zama per la sua arte e a tutti quelli che ci hanno voluto bene fino ad ora.

Ci sono band e artisti a cui teniamo particolarmente: Lantern, Time To React, Cases, Urali, Goldaline My Dear, Caso, Cosmetic, Fine Before You Came, Verily So, Marnero, Three Lakes, Chambers, Riviera, Small Giant, Marsh Mallows, VRCVS, L’Amo, Chesterpolio, Onoda, Havah, And So Your Life Is Ruined, Action Dead Mouse, New Adventures in Lo-Fi, Twin Room, Pj Bond, Rocky Votolato.




Girless & The Orphan Rimini, Italy

I Girless & The Orphan nascono intorno al 2010 a Viserba di Rimini. I loro dischi sono, e sempre saranno, in download gratuito.

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Track Name: Leaders
You spend your life with the leaders
You’re gonna die from the fever
Track Name: Colon Ladle Pedlar Scenario
So you think we all care about that date
When you got diarrhea and didn't sleep so well
Ouch, you've probably mistaken something
Cause we don't give a shit a fuck a damn
If your meal was shit and your bed a pigpen
We often beg just for a floor
You love to talk behind a screen
Sharing private things with people, i see
They love to kiss your ass in public
But for the record let me tell one thing
You earn n thousand bucks per gig
But i don't think you're worth the cost

Cause if you leave this town with the full cachet
You should thank your god the most
And if you spend the night in a place to stay
You should be haunted by some ghosts
And if you dare complain about a thing
This song will crack your door to catch ya

Got a six-hour drive to reach the place
Just to play a forty minutes show
And with no guaranteed gas money
So we had a single beer to drink
We got to build our tent in a tourist camp 'cause
There wasn't enough cash for rooms
And then we knew from another band
That they had a room reserved don't know where
But they were told to keep it secret
The four of us slept in a single tent
While other bands were in a hotel
And Rockit didn't write a goddamn news
Because it would really have been no use

Just think twice before you speak
You’re gonna have success that you don’t deserve
Just be grateful for what you get
You’re gonna leave this town with a ton of cash
Choose with care your destination
You're driving your van in the wrong direction
Track Name: FYD
I've had my polio vaccine, now i'm a griffon
Baby, f.y.d.
I've had my smallpox vaccine, now i'm a bugbear
Baby, f.y.d.
I've had my measles vaccine, now i'm an elvish
Baby, f.y.d.
I've had my mumps vaccine, now i'm a fairy
Baby, f.y.d.

Before i had my vaccines we used to be friends
Now i'm an awesome dragon and i'll burn you in flames
So put me among your enemies instead

I've had my vibrio vaccine, now i'm a unicorn
Whoo, f.y.d.
Baby, f.y.d.
I've had my pneumo vaccine, now i'm kanye west
Yo yo, f.y.d.
Baby, f.y.d.
I've had rubella vaccine, i ain't felt that bad
So baby, f.y.d.
I've had superjerks vaccine and you're so dead
Bye baby, f.y.d.

Before i had my vaccines we used to be friends
Now i'm an awesome dragon and i'll burn you in flames
So put me among your enemies instead
Track Name: Quite Old (Coff-coffin)
There are lines on your face
You can try to stretch them all at every pace
But the time is getting late
Behind you now
Have you imagined how's the light?
She's got style and grace
And kisses on your face
Like the girls you liked to praise
To dry your eyes from boogers

Now we all think you're old
Won't you lay with us tonight?
We can dream together
Just in case you die
Cause you're quite old
Won't you lay with us tonight?
Well i guess you'll sleep upon your backside
All alone
There's a coffin paved with lies and gold

Here we go,
There are marks on your face
I see each of them talks shit about your place
Someone's taking off the chair
Behind you now
Have you imagined how's the light?
She's got style and grace
And kisses on your face
Like the boys you liked to praise
To free your life from prison
Track Name: Your Opinion Is Bullshit
We live in a great nation
Which flouts the sons of immigration
We kick hard their asses in police stations
Is that your idea of civilization?
You're the example of the involving species
They die in the sea
While you eat your feces

And now the fun thing is
The sad thing is
You, you racist clueless people
Just take your advantage, increase your own profit
They work in your hongs for ridiculous wages
Your barber's chinese, your grocer is muslim
Your doxy is black, your opinion is bullshit

They use to haunt your house on sober nights
Not every night

White power and white powder!
Give me the strength i need to
Ignore all the faces and keep calm and lucid
There's people around me who look like they're strangers
I hate them, i flout them, i biff them
I quash them, i milk them, i need them, i love them

And now that the night has gone
Your bed is warm
You wash your face with acid
It scratches your skin
And you're white no more
You are totally black inside and outside
The mud's coming out from the sink and the toilet
You're drowning in the same manure that you beget

They're far away
No, not far enough from here
Not far enough from me

"Benny sometimes i wish you'd never be dead
You were white and clean and honest, you were hell of a man
You saw the world upside down and still showed dignity
You would sort this whole thing out cause it's all bigger than me
Because they come from black boats, with terrible accents
They raped my mother twice, so i would never forget it
They're ugly and they stink, they praise the wrong god
They should be sent back home because this country is our own"
But you own your own shit, you own your own cock
You'll never own the country where i put my feet on
You can raise your future children in super-safe environs
If you put yourself in jail and throw the keys down the bog hole
They need just a hand, they need just a lifebelt
They need a better place and a unique chance to get there
The look into their eyes says "make an effort to save me"
But the look into your eyes says you will not comprehend this

They use to haunt your house on sober nights
Not every night
I use to haunt your house on sober nights
Not every night