Same Names For Different Girls

by Girless & The Orphan

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First ep by Girless & The Orphan, released by Stop! Records.


released May 17, 2011

- Music by Girless e The Orphan, lyrics by Girless.
- Recorded @ Stop!Records Studios by Andrea Muccioli between December 2010 e February 2011.
- Produced by Andrea Muccioli, Ivan Tonelli and Girless

·Girless: Guitars, Vocals, Bass.
·The Orphan: Guitars.
·Andrea Muccioli: Drums, Percussions, Synth.
·Ivan Tonelli: Bass, Ukulele, Noise, Vocals.

-Artwork by Luca Zamagna



all rights reserved


Girless & The Orphan Rimini, Italy

I Girless & The Orphan nascono intorno al 2010 a Viserba di Rimini. I loro dischi sono, e sempre saranno, in download gratuito.

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Track Name: Wings Behind Our Backs
i usually dream a lot, i dream that we are young and we never get old, my hair they keep growing and i never get bald, you can check it. and we've got no jobs, 'cause you won at the lottery five times in a row, i got rich upon music that i've never composed, you can check it. (i dream) you tell me fears 'bout tomorrow and tomorrow never comes, and we have lots of walks on water, berlusconi's not in charge. and then we please each other's hunger by kissing hard and having sex. i haven't told you the best part yet: we can breathe in outer space. here's another step, there's no more techno music, nor afro, nor rap. we can fly up to the moon just to have us a nap, you can check it. and we've got no clothes, we walk naked down the street and no one stares at us, 'cause they're blinded by the starlights that we've put on our toes, you can check it. i swear there's no rage, revenge, sadness, sorrow or disappointment: they're locked in the same van. will the clouds ever stop changing colors over your nose? yeah, that's my only fear. so when i'll have to go and my last gasp is coming, i'll tell i love you with some words that sound so soft like silk, and silly. your skin is sticky, your skin is freakin' sticky, we can't part ourselves to land on earth, but if you're not sure we will never go back, we will stay up there, we'll put wings behind our backs. hang on, wait: how am i supposed to do all this stuff without you here? have you noticed i'm shaking? have you noticed i will wait for you forever?
Track Name: As You Fall
so are you gonna go back to the fact you left me on this bench with no damn shelter from the cold? i know you gave me everything you can, i thought that you were here to save my soul. but after what i did it seems just absurd i could say it's all your fault, so why am i hating you more than everyone and still loving the way you drink a coke? this nightsky has big lack of stars, like the speech we never spoke. think about when we were in the park and i was staring at your glow. think about how much the sun is jealous, he wants to keep you for his own. i take out all your pics from my drawer when nothing seems to shine, and as you fall i'll be the reason why you could fly. your eyes have size, larger than my own life, they cut my clothes and bones, they rip my nails, they're brown and green, they say much more than i have ever said before. i know i gave you everything you hate, i thought that i was here to save your soul. and if i try to speak romantic i won't probably say a word, and if you try to escape to paris then your plane will still not work.
Track Name: SNL
oh please, take me out to a better place. what your mind refuses to reckon, they're the things you won't forget. so barman, give me another pint, give me something i could drown in and feel so sane. will we ever go home? oh girls, thanks a lot for being here, thank you all, but she's the one that still reminds me all my fears. even if she is not aware, she doesn't know how much i've tried to feel so sane. will we ever go home? and if i smell of alcohol, don't think i need a drive home. i feel so alone. will we ever go home?
Track Name: November 17th
if we'd note down the chances that we've had to fix this up, we would probably figure out they're half a dozen. but you see, we're still alive, you have still more time and stories than me, i have still more scars and cigarettes than you. 'cause you know we're sick and tired of this, and the love we've ever felt it won't go out. there's a place where you can dance to the sound of it: you will not be surprised when you'll get there. you know what i would say if someone asks me about you: you're my friend, my lungs, my veins, my unborn sister. and we both have just one life and i've spent mine sitting on a backseat, but there's a whole life worth living next to you. all these years could have made me colder and maybe tomorrow i'll be again the boy i was. you could lend me your sweetness and maybe tomorrow i'll give back the things i owe. my eyes could be silvered and maybe tomorrow they'll turn golden so i can witness that we added one to count two. and now that we have memories tell me what's your favorite one, mine is when we first made out in late october. will we have another night? will we feel each other on a backseat? will we end what we've kept building through these years? there's that something that i'm dying to hear and i hope this silly song could sort it out.
Track Name: Another Place
the notebook on the table tells another tale of mine: the idea that meths and alcohol would be a perfect way to suicide. you gave me all your best, while i gave you all my worst, and several other differences between you and me in the intercourse. i felt amused and rejectable and repent every night you come close to me. who's got the blame for this kind of mess? well, that won't be me when i'm gone away, where there's music and no one's alone and i won't care if it's late and you're not coming home. right away, where there's music and no one's alone. birthday wishes made with words that hurt another time. a clamp around the stomach squeezing life and fluids out of my eyes. you probably had reasons to behave like you don't mind, but now that we are even, where's the happier life, the brilliant side? i should've been supposed to erase you, throw you out of my mind. but even when your dog has died i felt so sorry i almost cried. black unsound places where no one replaces you. dear, i'll go back to sleep.